Pre Conception

Doing the groundwork to bring your body and mind to optimal health and fertility is very important.


What you can do:

There is a lot you can do to help improve your chances of conception! 

  • Diet: Eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein. Avoid chemicals and processed foods. Limit caffeine and alcohol intake.

  • Supplements: Folic Acid, Vitamins B, C, D, CoQ10, Iron, Iodide, Zinc, & Fish Oils may be beneficial for you.

  • Weight: If you are overweight or underweight this could be affecting your fertility. Exercise and a balanced diet can help improve your metabolism. If you are underweight increased calories and diet modification can help.

  • Exercise: Regular exercise will be beneficial on many levels such as energy, sleep, stress, mood and weight. High intensity exercise and overdoing it will place excessive strain on the body and reduce fertility

  • Sleep: The benefits of getting a good night’s sleep are enormous. Ideally 8-9 hours per night is recommended. Poor sleep or not enough sleep can have adverse effects on hormone regulation, metabolism, weight, stress, energy levels and so on.

  • Stress/Emotion: Decreasing stress levels, anxiety and depression will help balance hormones, regulate ovulation and improve fertility.

  • Smoking: Stop now! Smoking reduces fertility and live birth rates.

  • Toxins and chemicals: Reduce exposure to things such as paint, pesticides, cleaning products etc. as they can affect fertility

At Blue Lotus Healing we have a particular interest in working with clients with fertility issues. A more detailed assessment, Chinese Medicine diagnosis and advice can be given according to your individual constitution.