An ancient technique involving the use of glass cups. A vacuum is created inside the glass cup with a flame, which is then placed on the surface of the skin. This creates a suction effect, which in Chinese Medicine terminology, draws the stagnant Qi, blood and toxins in the underlying muscles to the surface of the body.

There are several different traditional cupping techniques that we use at Blue Lotus Healing.

Retained Cupping: Cups are placed along selected areas of the body using the fire method, and retained for 10-20 minutes depending on their strength. Stagnant qi and blood is drawn to the surface.

Flash Cupping: Using the fire method a single cup is placed on and off the particular area of the body, quickly and repeatedly. This method is greatly warming.

Sliding Cupping: Oil is massaged onto the particular area of the body, then using the fire method the cups are placed and able to slide up and down the meridian. This can produce a stronger effect of drawing the stagnant qi and blood to the surface.

Cupping is warm, relaxing and is often used in conjunction with an Acupuncture treatment.