IVF Support

With the advent of modern science and increasing infertility rates, many people are now undergoing ART and IVF treatments to help them conceive.

Treatment protocols vary depending on which stage you are at with your IVF journey. Your practitioner will discuss a treatment plan based on your individual diagnosis and circumstances and time the treatments according to certain stages throughout the cycle.


Ideally three months of pre-conception treatment before an IVF cycle is recommended to bring your body and mind to optimal health and fertility. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and diet and lifestyle changes are used to achieve this. If you have already started IVF or are on a limited timeframe we are happy to work in with whatever stage you are at and tailor treatment accordingly.

Initial stage of IVF cycle

Weekly treatment is generally recommended to prepare the body for egg collection.

Egg collection

An acupuncture treatment is recommended around the time of egg collection, either just before or after, depending on your individual case.  

Embryo transfer

Acupuncture treatments are recommended before and after embryo transfer (both fresh and frozen embryo transfer cycles) preferably within a 24 hour period.

Post transfer

Many women find this “waiting period” the hardest part of the IVF cycle. Acupuncture treatment is recommended at least once during this time.

Sperm donation

Acupuncture treatment is recommended prior to sperm donation.