Many individuals and couples are experiencing fertility issues these days and turning to Chinese Medicine for assistance.

Fertility is an area of special interest here at Blue Lotus Healing. Through the use of Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and diet and lifestyle changes we aim to get your body to optimum fertility. An individualized treatment plan is established depending on what stage you are at in your journey, whether that be preparing the body to conceive, trying to conceive naturally, or undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technology such as IUI or IVF. Any underlying health conditions that may affect the chances of falling pregnant will also be addressed.

It is important to recognize that it takes time to effect change, and this can vary depending on your own individual situation. Ideally we recommend that you spend 3 months improving your fertility and health, to see positive changes. Of course, every situation is different and we are happy to work in with whatever your timeframe may be. We also support and work alongside Western medicine reproductive treatments.